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Helpful Resources

Praksha & Liz hope you'll find some useful resources that will help you manage stress & combat overwhelm. If you have any questions, please contact us:

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Care of Your Mental Health - Important note. Please read.

Mental Health & Well Being is so important. Should you have serious concerns & be struggling to cope, please contact the appropriate healthcare professional.

Mental Health Organisations in UK are listed below.


The Emotional Freedom Technique and Meditation?

Find about more about the Emotional Freedom Technique and Meditation here.

Tapping Points 

For a diagram demonstrating  the Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Points, please click here.

Remember to tap very lightly on the points.

Tapping Demo Video

For a video demonstrating  the Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Points, please click here. 

Simply tap along with the video.

Introduction to Tapping for Stress and Anxiety

Learn to tap with this Introduction to Tapping for Stress & Anxiety. Please click here.

Mental Health Organisations

For a list of mental health organisations in the UK, please click here.

Life Purpose Test

To help you discover your life's purpose, please click here.

What is Stress & Anxiety?

Find out how stress & anxiety develops & why here.

Quick Stress Self-Assessment Questionnaire here.

List of Emotion Words

For a list of emotion words to help you with the Emotional Freedom Technique please click here.

Positive Affirmations

Find a list of Positive Affirmations here.


For free relaxing and rejuvenating meditations, please click here.

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